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cv template for german citizenship

"This is the exact CV template I used for my successful German citizenship application"

Jen Palacios

Jen Palacios

Co-Founder of Simple Germany

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One of the requirements to apply for the German citizenship is to present a CV or Lebenslauf in German. Germans are used a certain style and order of information in a CV. Avoid the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own, and use our easy and editable template instead. 

You will save so much time! The process is simple!

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Save Time

Quickly create a CV in German by adding your information to our template. 

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Avoid Mistakes

Present your experience and skills in a format that follows German conventions.

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Easy To Read

Our minimalistic design and sections, will make it easy for your case worker to read it.

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What's Inside

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1-page CV template in German. You can choose to edit the template with Google Docs, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Pages (.pages).

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Writing Guide

A writing guide in English (.pdf file) that will instruct you how to fill out each section of the CV template.

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You just need to download the .zip file, unpack it, and start editing!


Can I use this template to apply for a job?

Although this template follows German standards, it has been created to be simple and concise. Its main purpose is for the German citizenship application. Therefore, we do not recommend using this template for your job search.

Why do I need this template?

To save time and impress your case worker, of course! One of the documents required to apply for the German citizenship is to present a Lebenslauf. Germans are used to a specific format. Our template takes care of all the German standards so you only have to download it and edit it with your personal information.

Can I ask for a refund?

There are no refunds on this product. Why?

1) Personal responsibility & Taking action are two of our values. Don’t make a purchase and back out because you don’t want to put in the work. And yes, you will have to put in the work, even with our guidance in this product.

2) It’s a digital product.

You will receive the product immediately after purchase. Since it is a digital product, there is no way to return it. We don’t want to welcome freeloaders.

We have full confidence that the material we offer is accurate to what is promised on this page. 

About The Creators

Jen & Yvonne from Simple Germany

Hey, we’re Jen & Yvonne, the founders of Simple Germany. Our goal is to create English content to empower internationals to settle into life in Germany more smoothly.

Jen is originally from Guatemala, and Yvonne is from Germany. Jen has been living in Germany since 2012 and met Yvonne in 2014. Yvonne has guided Jen in her journey to settle into life in Germany. From insurance to citizenship, to understanding the German culture a bit better.

In 2020, we decided to start Simple Germany. On that same year, Jen got her German citizenship!

We write detailed guides on our website and create YouTube videos about the culture and bureaucracy in Germany.

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german cv template for citizenship

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