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Studying for the German citizenship or Leben in Deutschland test requires new German vocabulary. Not all software tools (including AI) do a great job in providing the correct translations in English. 

This adds confusion and frustration while studying for the test. 

Purchase your copy today of all the questions in English translated by a human to save time and avoid frustration while studying for the German citizenship test.

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Jen Palacios

 🇬🇪 Ana K.

I only needed a few days to prepare for what I thought would take at least a month.

I've been living in Germany for a few years now, but I've struggled to become fluent in German. It has been a challenge to juggle full-time studies with learning a new language. That's why I found Jen and Yvonne's English version of the questionnaire so incredibly helpful. Not only did it help me prepare more quickly, but it made the whole process much more enjoyable (and smooth, of course 🙃).

I'm familiar with German culture, politics, and history. My hurdle was really about understanding the language of the questions. However, once I became familiar with the content in English, I was able to recognize most of the questions and answers in the original German test with no difficulty. With this approach, I only needed a few days to prepare for what I thought would take at least a month.

I'm still waiting for the results (it can take up to 6 weeks - surprise, surprise!), but I'm very confident that I passed well above the threshold - thanks to incredible Simple Germany!

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Save Time

Don't spend hours translating the 300+ questions yourself. We already did the work for you.

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Feel Confident

Studying with our English translation will help you fully grasp what each question actually means.

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Understand DE

Don't just memorize the questions to pass a test. Use the English translation to understand Germany better.

"I wish I would have had this when I studied for my German citizenship test!"

I started studying for the German citizenship test in 2018. I was so excited to learn more about Germany.

I quickly realized that the test included German words that I had never heard of before. So, I asked Yvonne (my German wife and co-founder of Simple Germany) to help me out.

Together we went through all the questions and we translated them one by one. Other friends that were going to apply for their German citizenship during this time also translated the questions on their own. 

Fast-forward to 2024. Germany has finally passed the dual citizenship law.

The demand to become a German citizenship has skyrocketed. 

Out of curiosity, I went online to check what tools and services were available to help foreigners study for this test.

To my surprise, no one had translated the questions into another language!

Maybe because of AI, I thought. I fed the questions to ChatGPT and the majority of questions were translated well enough.

However, there were a few that did not make any sense!

So, Yvonne and I decided to fix that. Yvonne spent a few days going over each question and making sure that the translation was correct.

She even added some explanations to some topics and terms that were super confusing to me.

Think of this product as having a kind German friend by your side, helping you understand the questions in English.

I cannot share Yvonne with you. But I can share these files.

Jen Palacios

Jen Palacios

Co-Founder of Simple Germany

P.S. I forgot to mention - My friends and I (who translated the questions) got 33 out of 33 questions right on our test! 💯

Our Guarantee

Unfortunately... There Is No Guarantee

Let us Explain.

If you have landed here, you most likely follow us on YouTube, our newsletter and our website. So, this isn’t just an impersonal ad where you have zero trust before buying something. 

Therefore, there are no refunds on this product. Why?

1) Personal responsibility & Taking action are two of our values. Don’t make a purchase and back out because you don’t want to put in the work. And yes, you will have to put in the work, even with our guidance in this product.

2) It’s a digital product.

You will receive the product immediately after purchase. Since it is a digital product, there is no way to return it. We don’t want to welcome freeloaders.

Lastly, guarantees are a marketing scheme.

As much as we as humans don’t want to hear this, there are no guarantees in life. 

The ‘guarantee’ that it works lies in your hands. Your approach, you taking action, you succeeding. We leave it in your hands to create your own confidence in acting on the materials in this product. 

We have full confidence that the material we offer is accurate to what is promised on this page. 

What's Inside

Here's A Sneak Peak Of What You'll Get

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German Version

All of the original and most-up-to-date questions in German + all of the state-related questions - public to everyone (1 .pdf file)

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English Version

All the questions from the German version translated by a German human into English + answers + some study resources (1 .pdf file)

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You just need to download the .zip file, unpack it, and start studying!


Can I use these questions to study for the "Leben in Deutschland" test?

Yes! Both the Leben in Deutschland and the German citizenship test are based on the same question catalog. So this translation can help you prepare for either test.

Can't I just use a free service to translate the questions?

Of course you can. However, we found that these online services (including ChatGPT) don't translate all the questions accurately. The questions in this bundle have been translated by a German human.  

Is the German Citizenship test in English?

No, the German Citizenship is 100% in German. Our translations will help you understand the questions in a language you are more comfortable with. So you can fully grasp the content of the questions, and not just memorize them.

About The Creators

Jen & Yvonne from Simple Germany

Hey, we’re Jen & Yvonne, the founders of Simple Germany. Our goal is to create English content to empower internationals to settle into life in Germany more smoothly.

Jen is originally from Guatemala, and Yvonne is from Germany. Jen has been living in Germany since 2012 and met Yvonne in 2014. Yvonne has guided Jen in her journey to settle into life in Germany. From insurance to citizenship, to understanding the German culture a bit better.

In 2020, we decided to start Simple Germany. On that same year, Jen got her German citizenship!

We write detailed guides on our website and create YouTube videos about the culture and bureaucracy in Germany.

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