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Boost Your Chances To Land Your Dream Job In Germany

Applying to jobs in a new country is hard. We make it a lot easier with our German-Style CV Template. We show you step-by-step how to nail your resume to meet German standards and get invited to an interview!

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The Problem

Why Should You Care About Having A German-Style CV?

Even though you might be looking for an English-speaking job in Germany, chances are high that a German will see your CV and decide whether to invite you for a job interview or not.

Simply translating your CV into English or using the CV that landed you a job in another country won’t cut it.

It’s important to understand:

🥨 The Cultural differences: Did you know that German CVs often include a photo? And that there is a particular format and order that Germans expect to see? Navigating these cultural nuances can feel overwhelming.

🧩 Generic won’t cut it: Other platforms offer generic solutions to craft your CV. They don’t know the nuances of making a CV tailored for the German market.

📝 Content trumps design: Germans don’t care about how beautiful your CV looks. They care about professionalism and what problems you can solve for them. Your CV has less than 5 seconds to make a good first impression.

💪 How to share accomplishments without the fluff: Germans really dislike fluffy or overselling sentences. They prefer result-driven accomplishments. Internationals often struggle with this point.

The Solution

Our German-Style CV Template For Foreigners Looking For A Job In Germany

Let us introduce you to our German-Style CV Template. Specially crafted to meet the format and expectations of the German market.

We do not provide you with multiple highly-designed templates to choose from.

We provide you with one design that is guaranteed to convey your skills and strengths in an efficient way.

Our goal is to help you get interviews - not win design contests with your CV.

We have crafted three offers for you:

✏️ Basic: For expats confident with DIY. You will get our German-Style CV Template design for Windows (.docx) and Mac (.pages).

🎯 Plus (most popular): For expats eager to create the best CV they can for the German market with our guidance. You will get our German-Style CV Template + Writing Guide + accountability checklist + 2 real-life CV examples + cover letter template.

💎 Premium: For expats who want to fine-tune their optimized CV in a personal call. It includes everything in Plus + a 30-minute CV review call with Jen or Yvonne (the creators of this product).

Who Is This Product For?

  • Job seekers looking to impress: Craft a CV that adheres to German standards, showcasing your experiences and skills in a way that grabs employers' attention.
  • International skilled workers: If you're a foreign professional seeking opportunities in Germany, our template ensures your CV reflects the local expectations and maximizes your chances for an interview invitation.
  • Experienced skilled workers facing job rejections: If you've applied to jobs aligned with your skills but received no response or rejections, our template can assist you in meeting German standards to enhance your chances of being considered for your dream job.

"A revolution in my job-seeking experience in Germany!"

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About The Creators

Jen & Yvonne from Simple Germany

Hey, we’re Jen & Yvonne, the creators of Simple Germany. Our goal is to create English content to empower internationals to settle into life in Germany more smoothly.

Before we created Simple Germany, Yvonne was a hiring manager at a big educational company in Germany. Jen successfully landed jobs in Germany as a customer service rep and then transitioned into software development.

We have experienced the market from both sides. The job seeker and the hiring manager.

Through Simple Germany, we have already helped over 220.000 internationals with our free YouTube videos and blog posts on how to create a German-style CV.

Hundreds of internationals have benefited from this German-Style CV Template bundle, and created a professional, clean, and successful resume for the German market.

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You just need to download the .zip file, unpack it, and start editing!

Here Are Your Options



For expats confident with DIY.


  • 1 German-Style CV Template for Windows (.docx) and Mac (.pages)

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Most Popular!



For expats eager to create the best CV they can for the German job market with our guidance.


  • 1 German-Style CV Template for Windows (.docx) and Mac (.pages)

  • 2 Example CVs

  • A 50-page writing guide that helps you fill out each section properly (.pdf)

  • 1 Cover letter template for Windows (.docx) and Mac (.pages)

  • 1 Accountability Checklist



For expats who want to fine-tune their optimized CV on a personal call.


  • Everything in the Plus package

  • One 30-minute CV review call with Jen or Yvonne

Our Guarantee

Unfortunately... There Is No Guarantee

Let us explain.

If you have landed here, you most likely follow us on YouTube, our newsletter or our website. So, this isn’t just an impersonal ad where you have build zero trust before buying something. 

Therefore, there are no refunds on this product. Why?

1) Personal responsibility & Taking action are two of our values. Don’t make a purchase and back out because you don’t want to put in the work. And yes, you will have to put in the work, even with our guidance in this product.

2) It’s a digital product.

You will receive the product immediately after purchase. Since it is a digital product, there is no way to return it. We don’t want to welcome freeloaders.

Lastly, guarantees are a marketing scheme.

As much as we as humans don’t want to hear this, there are no guarantees in life. Everyone’s path to find a job in Germany is different. We can only guide you so much. 

The ‘guarantee’ that it works lies in your hands. Your approach, you taking action, you succeeding. We leave it in your hands to create your own confidence in acting on the materials in this product. 

If you are just looking for a shortcut, don't buy this product. We have full confidence that the material we offer is accurate to what is promised on this page. 

If you need some confidence, here are some experiences from previous expats:

"Your template and video content have helped me land my dream job at Boeing!

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I got my dream job.

For several years I have been looking for an appropriate job in Germany. I had received numerous rejections.

That was until I found your YouTube content, particularly the German-Style CV Template you created.

Using the CV Template from your website, I am now ever so pleased to inform you that a company in Germany has finally said ‘yes’ to my job application.

Your template and video content have helped me land my dream job as a Senior Project Manager at Boeing!

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This template is really helpful, especially for people like myself who are non-German and looking for jobs in Germany.

I would recommend everyone who’s new to the German job-seeking market to go through all the packages at a very affordable price.

What I really like the most are the step-by-step explanations, along with examples for each. Just a few weeks ago, I updated my older CV to this new one, and I have applied to somewhere around 30 companies and have received a response from one. I’m very convinced that in a week, I might get more responses. Thanks.


How much time will it take me to create my CV?

You will need to dedicate at least 2 hours to creating your CV. Our Writing Guide (e-book) takes you step-by-step and gives you templates and examples so you can fill out each section correctly.

Is this template ATS friendly?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are not generally used in Germany. Our template is meticulously crafted to align with German standards, ensuring that your CV shines brilliantly in the eyes of German recruiters and lands in the 'yes' pile!

Will you review my CV?

Yes, if you booked the premium package, you will get a 30-minute personalized review. After your purchase, you will find the instructions in the .zip file we deliver to you on how to set up your review call. 

We will not review CVs that don't follow our guidelines or template. You will have to put in the work to create your German-Style CV, and then schedule the call.

Are You Ready?

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